1. Crown: Avaible in a wide variety of formations. The crown is the cutting edge of the bit.
2. Tungsten Carbide: Protect stability of the crown.
3. Core Lifter Case Seat: Supports core lifter case when breaking core.
4. Bitthreads: Precision cut industry standart bit threads.
5. Bit Body: Made of superior quality steel and machined in small batches to maintain manufacturing standarts.
6. Waterways: Controls fluid flow around the cutting edge of the bit.
7. Bit Face: Ideal design allow for quick startup of new bit.


Eagle BIt’s

Eagle Bit’s are typically designated by series. Each series is designed to work under specific condions of ground hardness and abrasiveness.

Please refer to the selection table to identify the appropriate series for your drilling conditions.


Eagle 1/2 is made with an extremely wear resistant matrix for long life in soft formations, but can also be used in medium broken formations.


Eagle 3/4 is a good choice for cutting soft to medium formations.
Recommended for low powered drills only.High loads will seriously reduce bit life.


Eagle 5/6 is a general purpose formula for cutting formations in the medium hard range. 5/6 also works well in formations of variable hardness.


Eagle 7/8 Series is a general purpose bit for cutting hard formations. For hard competent and nonabrasive formations. This free cutting bit requires high rotational speeds and light bit loads for best performance.


Eagle 9/10 is made to cut ultra hard fine grain formations. This is an alternative when drilling very hard formations with a low torque drill rig.

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