• TP- 220 series Triplex Pumps are generally designated pump water and mud.
  • They can be equipped in three different ways as Electrical motor, Diesel engine and Hydraulic driven motor.
  • Triplex Pumps spare parts, ceramic cylinders, stainless valves, balls and seals can be easily changed.
  • The three cylinders, which are made of steel reinforced ceramic material, are durable against to corrosion and can be changed easily.
  • The valves, which are in the form of ball, are made of stainless steel and the valve seats are manufactured from tempered steel.
  • The pump safety valve adjusted according to 50 bar pressure.
  • If the pressure in the system exceeds these values, then the safety valve activates and by means of this the pump housing is protected against to excessive pressure.
  • The pump safety valve can be adjusted to lower values mentioned above, howover, it should not be adjusted over 70 bar.
  • The pressure values can be observed with a manometer 0-100 bar.


Counfiguration Horizontal Triplex Pump
Number of Pistons 3
Stroke Lenght 69.9mm (2.75in)
Piston Laod 2.69kg. (5.93 lb)
Ratio 3.6:1
Lube Oil Capacity 5L (1.3 gallon)
Lube Oil Type SAE 30
Suction Size 2 1/2″ NPT
Discarge Size 1 1/4″ NPT
Valve Type Ball Valves
Pump Weihgt 209 kg (460 lbs )
Speed Rating 900 rpm


Model 40M3FS Newage
Torque 81.4 Nm (60 lbf.ft)
Max. Speed 3250 rev./min
Clutch Housing SAE 4/5
Ratio 3.07:1


Water Flow
Water Pressure
Transmission Weight Dimensions
Resim Gelecek 200 35 250 880 775 520
Resim Gelecek 50 70 1st Gear 660 1800 1000 850
70 70 2nd Gear
110 70 3rd Gear
220 45 4th Gear
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